Inspiring grannies wanted

alligatorIs there anyone over the age of 65 you could listen to for hours and hours?

My friends Amanda and Elizabeth, who together make up A+E, are on the lookout for individuals who have the kind of accumulated expertise you can’t get from reading Wikipedia and who are capable of telling you about it in a compelling way.

A+E help deliver projects for businesses of all kinds and they’re full of ideas. Right now they’re looking for older people who have stories to tell and fascinating information to impart. They say the people they’re looking for:

may have an unusual professional background, knowledge of a subject through a lifelong hobby, or insights from a wealth of experiences. No topic is off limits at this stage, whether their thing is art dealing, astronomy, ancient Mesopotamia, alligator hunting or Artic exploration – anything under or over the sun.

Does your grandparent, parent, friend, retired ex-colleague or neighbour fit the bill? Who do you know who’s older and simply must have their stories and insights heard?

Email any ideas to / or tweet @amandagore or @lizzieostrom. Our criteria: that they’re based in the UK, that you could listen to them for hours and still want more, that they are in your opinion GREAT, and they’re old enough. No young ‘uns need apply.